Ny stor ordre til Karstensens Skibsværft

Ny stor ordre til Karstensens Skibsværft

14. oktober 2015 - kl. 18:42 - af

Værftet skal levere en 69,95 meter lang fiske-trawler til familien Whyte fra Fraserburg i Skotland.

“Ordren p√• #435 “Grateful” vil skabe besk√¶ftigelse til omkring 50 mand i et helt √•r, her p√• Karstensens Skibsv√¶rft. Dermed er det muligt at fastholde og skabe yderligere besk√¶ftigelse for V√¶rftets nuv√¶rende 300 fastansatte. Den st√łrste del af de ansatte er bosiddende i gl Skagen Kommune, men der er ogs√• en trofast stab af pendlere fra de omkringliggende kommuner. Af de 300 er der 32 udl√¶ndinge. Det er magtp√•liggende for Karstensens Skibsv√¶rft at deltage aktivt i uddannelse af unge mennesker, hvorfor der ogs√• er 35 l√¶rlinge besk√¶ftiget / under uddannelse p√• V√¶rftet. udtaler direkt√łr Kent Damgaard.

Grateful skal, n√•r den i juli 2017 er f√¶rdigbygget, afl√łse familen Whytes nuv√¶rende trawler, Forever Grateful.

Herunder kan du læse mere om skibet i den engelske pressemeddelelse redaktionen har modtaget:

#435 ‚Äď ‚ÄĚ G R A T E F U L ‚ÄĚ

Owners Eshcol Fishing Company, has placed an order for a 69,95 m Pelagic Trawler newbuilding with Karstensen Shipyard.

#435 will be named GRATEFUL and will be owned by the well-known Whyte-family based in Fraserburgh, Scotland.

The Whyte-family currently operates the 64m FOREVER GRATEFUL, which will be sold upon arrival of the new vessel. The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where target species are mackerel and herring.

William (Sr) and Andrew Whyte has headed the family business for 3 decades, but has now passed the task on to next generation with William Whyte (Jr) as skipper, Nathan and Aaron Whyte as well as son-in-law Derek Cardno also being onboard the vessel. The family has a long history in the fishing industry stretching back to William and Andrews grandfather in the early 1900’s with the small inshore vessel EXCELSIOR, FR 887. Owners and Yard has a long standing relationship, as William (Sr) and Andrew were the first to take a Scottish fishing vessel to Karstensen Shipyard for a major refit back in 1983.

Karstensen Shipyard is delighted with this new contract, which stresses the shipyards position as the prime designer and builder of larger pelagic fishing vessels. Karstensen Shipyard has, for the time being, orders for no less than 7 pelagic vessels, which are to be delivered throughout the next 2 years. Karstensen Shipyard offers a complete concept, where all solutions are optimized and tailor made to customer specifications and requirements. Karstensen is independent of all suppliers, which makes such an optimization very flexible.  

The vessel design, specification and arrangements is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between owners and yard. Main focus has been set on optimizing working, safety and comfort for the crew, optimizing catch handling- and storage facilities and optimizing of fuel consumption.

In order to reach above targets, the ships will be outfitted with all the newest machinery and equipment, and suppliers have been chosen carefully to match specification and requirements.

Amongst other things, the newbuilding will be the first fishing vessel in the Scottish fleet to boost a retractable thruster, supplier by Brunvoll. This thruster can work as a drop-down Azimuth, functioning as a take-me-home device, or even used during slow steaming, dodging or stern pumping.

MaK will be supplying the complete propulsion plant, including a 9M32 main engine, at 4500 kW. The propeller design will be optimized to the specific service profile of the vessel, with rpm’s between 100 and 130. This will ensure optimized bollard pull for trawling, as well as good free-sailing characteristics.

Auxiliary engines will be of make Mitsubishi, supplied by West Diesel, consisting of 3 units, 2 x 820 and 1 x 600 kWe.

Rapp Hydema will supply the full deck machinery / winch package. SeaQuest will supply cranes for the vessel, featuring 2 net roller cranes on the gantry aft.

New GRATEFUL is scheduled for delivery in July 2017.


Main dimensions:

              Length overall                                                             69,95 m

              Breadth moulded                                                        15,00 m

              Depth shelter deck                                                        9,20 m


Summary of main equipment:

              Winch system                                                                  Rapp

              Cranes and fish pumps                                            Sea Quest

              Thrusters     Brunvoll, 1 x 950 kW / 1 x 800 kW (retractable)

              RSW-plants                          Johnson Controls, 2 x 1345 kW

              Vacuum plant                C-Flow, 4 x 66 kW / 2 x 4200 l tank


Learn more about the vessel here: www.karstensens.dk.


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